Legendary Trips That Any Traveler Would Like to Make

Most of us begin to travel the world enjoying short getaways that injected us with that traveling virus that is very difficult, if not impossible, to get rid of. After those days of getting to know the world, we probably started to think and take longer trips, hoping that each of them would last much longer, even if it didn’t have an end date. And that’s when many of us began to think about the possibility of fulfilling the dream of making some of those trips that only appear in books. Here is a list of 10 legendary trips that any traveler would like to make.

The Trans-Siberian

One of the 10 legendary trips most desired by any traveler and one of the ones we are most eager to make: the Trans-Siberian. A 9,288 km train route from Moscow to the city of Vladivostok, near the Pacific Ocean. On this great route, we can connect with two other great traveling dreams: the Trans-Manchurian and the Trans-Mongolian.


The Trans-Manchurian runs the same route as the Trans-Siberian to Tarskaya and ends in Beijing, while the Transmongolian runs the Trans-Siberian to Ulan Ude and ends in the Chinese city of Jining.
It takes seven days by train to cross the whole of Russia, but who’s to say that this journey can’t be done much more calmly, enjoying intermediate stops, like the incredible Lake Baikal, if you have a little more than 3 weeks?


Lake Baikal

One of the most mythical routes in the world. Originally it ran from the city of Chicago to Los Angeles, on a 3,939-kilometer route that crossed 8 states in the United States. The highways built made this route to be abandoned and today it has become an icon of both the United States and the world, is visited by many tourists.

On our journey through the western United States a few years ago, we were able to cover a small stretch of this incredible Route 66 between the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas. After the experience, it is clear to us that we will return to complete it. What we’re not so sure about is whether we’re doing it on a Mustang convertible or a Harley.

The Way of Saint James

Another of the world’s most famous trips or routes is the Camino de Santiago. This is made up of several routes on foot to reach the city of Santiago de Compostela, emulating the journey made by pilgrims from all over the world to venerate the relics of the apostle James the Great. This route was very busy during the Middle Ages, but later it was forgotten, until a few years ago it returned with a great boom by pilgrims and tourists who make it annually. There are several routes to do this, many of them from the neighboring country, France.

The road to Santiago

The French Way, which links Saint Jean de Pied de Port with Santiago de Compostela is the most important and popular and is made up of 31 stages and 775 km. If you dare with any of these routes, you will find plenty of lodgings on the itinerary where you can rest and recharge your batteries.

The Silk Road

One of the great legendary journeys you can make today is the Silk Road. This route began in the first century B.C. and was crossed by caravans that crossed Europe and Asia to reach China, is the main cultural and commercial connection between East and West. Its multiple routes began in the city of Xi’an, China and reached Istanbul, Turkey, with more than 8,000 km of the journey. Some of its most mythical stops are in Uzbekistan, such as Khiva, Samarkand or Bukhara.

The Orient Express

The famous Orient Express is the train service that links Paris to Istanbul since 1883 using some of the most luxurious and mythical trains in the world thanks to the novels of Agatha Christie or films such as Murder on the Orient Express. Although today there are many options and prices, you can plan a route on the Orient Express that goes from less than a day, such as Venice-Rome or Paris-London, to the mythical journey between Paris and Istanbul, which lasts a week.

Orient Express

The Pan American Route, one of the great legendary journeys
This list of 10 legendary trips includes the Panamerican Highway, the longest road in the world from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego in Patagonia. The Panamericana is a road network of about 30,000 km long that is now almost complete, with the exception of two stretches that pass through the jungle.
It usually takes between a year and two years to complete the entire route and stop at all the emblematic places with the tranquility that this legendary trip offers.

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