After School Programs That Define Core Values

Like parents, children can live a full life with all the learning and activities of the school. It may be excessive to enrol them in other after school programs los angeles. As busy as parents and children are, there are more and more extracurricular activity programs and most of them are full. The truth is that there is a real need for these programs and activities, judging by the trend.

So why are we keeping our children so busy? This is mainly due to the fact that parents are not available. Most parents have professional obligations and cannot care for their children as soon as they leave school. This is the main cause of the growth of extracurricular programs.

Statistically, children spend between 15 and 30 hours a week without supervision. There is an old saying: “An idle spirit is a playground for the devil”. Children left alone without anything constructive to do will end up falling with the wrong people. Without parental supervision, it is very easy to start smoking, using drugs, alcohol and committing crimes. This is especially true when they are influenced by the wrong type of people. This would explain why so many parents enrol their children in the various after-school programs. It is about keeping their children occupied in a productive way with the addition of adult supervision.

Studies have also shown that the crime rate is higher after school hours, between 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. This means that your children commit crimes because of lack of supervision or that they must be protected from those who commit them. A safer environment for children is a kind of after-school program rather than walking without adult supervision. Group programs, with coaches or counsellors, can encourage your children to participate in more structured activities. It’s a good way to protect them and keep them out of trouble. It also keeps them from getting bored.

One of the greatest concerns of today’s society is obesity, especially among children. Many children do not stay active enough. Instead of playing sports or doing other forms of physical activity after school, they become couch potatoes. They lie on the soda couch in one hand and on the junk food in the other. They end up watching TV or computers for hours. According to statistics, about 25 to 30% of our children aged 19 and under are overweight and 15% of them are technically obese. By enrolling in after-school physical activity programs, you will help your child get rid of laziness and stay active. It will also take away their time to be hypnotized by television or video games.

If your children are not involved in sports, there are after-school programs that help them promote social awareness and develop social responsibility. Research has shown that these types of extracurricular programs not only prevent children from getting into trouble, but also make them more responsible as citizens. These positive after-school programs help parents define certain fundamental values and serve as a foundation for their child’s personality.

We are constantly evolving and parents want their children to exceed their expectations in all areas such as education, sports and the arts. Maybe parents realize their unfulfilled dreams through their child. For whatever reason, parents encourage their children to participate in these various programs and most children do not seem to object. Children need activities; this keeps them from getting bored.

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